Monday, April 1, 2013

ARC Review: Walking Disaster

Walking Disaster
 by Jamie McGuire

You need to read Beautiful Disaster before you read this, you NEED to, if you don’t, you might hate Abby.  Abby seems kind of awful from Travis’ view at first, but that’s what he finds captivating.  Reading Abby’s point of view really helps you understand her and like her better, because you know she’s not nearly as unaffected and bitchy as she seems, she’s just trying to protect herself.

There’s one major error that bugged me in the first few chapters.  If you don’t know, Travis calls Abby “Pigeon”, an odd nickname, but endearing once you learn why.  In Walking Disaster, Travis calls her Pigeon, since he doesn’t know her name, but suddenly he learns her name is Abby, magically of course.  One minute he’s calling her Pigeon, the next he calls her Abby.  I wish there was a transition where you see that Shepley tells him or some other way.

I must say hate Parker more than I did in Beautiful Disaster.  I never liked him, and apparently my intuition was good, because Travis reveals how awful he really is.  I really wish Travis punched him, or Abby slapped him.  I hope there’s a sequel or prequel in which he dies a horrible death.  Sounds terrible, but he is awful, worse than any villain or enemy in any book I’ve ever read, or movie I’ve ever seen.

Your heart will break for Travis, and you will love him 1265789021974734341847120497147124 times more than before.  Especially when Abby goes out with Parker, or when they separate or are fighting, because now you know the true reasons behind stuff, instead of just what he wants to expose.  You also learn more about his relationship with his mom, along with his dad and brothers.

I’ve read Beautiful Disaster 4-5 times, and I’m sure I’ll reread this a few times as well.  They’re both great stories, and each are different and offer new perspectives to everything.  It’s like reading Beautiful Disaster for the first time again, since it’s so different, you feel like it’s a new book, but they complement each other well.  Even though it’s the same book from another perspective, you get new stuff, since repetitive unimportant stuff she skims over to give you new information.  Don’t worry, she still keeps the important stuff from the first one, and all our favorite parts, and gives us full access to Travis’ brain during them, but she also gives us brand new shiny stuff.

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