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Souls #2) by Tiffany Truitt

Published. April 2nd 2013 
Publisher: Entangled Teen
**eARC provided by the publisher for an honest review**

Ripped away from those she loves most, Tess is heartbroken as her small band of travelers reaches the Isolationist camp in the mysterious and barren Middlelands. Desperate to be reunited with James, the forbidden chosen one who stole her heart, she wants nothing to do with the rough Isolationists, who are without allegiance in the war between the Westerners and Easterners. But having their protection, especially for someone as powerful as Tess, may come at a cost.

When James returns, Tess’s world once again feels complete—until she discovers her sister, Louisa, has taken up her old post at Templeton, the dangerous chosen ones training center and the site of Tess’s loss of innocence. Tess will do anything to protect her loved ones—but will the price be more than she
can give?

This second book in Tiffany Truitt’s dystopian series is a thought-provoking, thrilling story that asks who
the true enemy really is—the chosen ones who are different, or the naturals…who are just like us.

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Naturals is an amazing sequel to The Chosen Ones. It has the same I-Can't-Put-It-Down feeling and we're back into this amazing and not always good world Tiffany created but this time around the characters are so much stronger. 

Tess has a pretty good picture of who she is or at least who she wants to be. She now knows love, friendship and what it feels like to be brave and stand up for herself. But it doesn't mean now things are easy.

Life with the Islationist is hard. They all have to work to help and life in the compound didn't prepare her for it. The people there is very closed minded and to Tess some things don't feel so different than back home.
With time, she learns to respect them and that their wildest costumes might not be so bad after all.

Even though she feels more lonely than back at the compound, she finds some friends and new allies. She knows one thing: she already lost the guy she loves and a sister, she won't lose anyone else.

While the development in The Chosen Ones was slow for Tess, in here she's a woman who knows what she wants and what she won't become.
She also knows that she would give everything to keep safe the people she loves, Robert, Her Sister, Henry and James.
And James is willing to give up everything for her. (And I love every minute of it!)

Also, the same way her father's letters brought to us how the resistance started, the flashbacks to her childhood bring a lot of insight to the way Tess is and why.

There's one thing I really, really loved about it: The way Tess finds herself not just through the things she experiences, but from the stories she reads did it for me. I think every reader feels a connection to the characters.  We learn to be strong, to love, to cry, to hope with them, and that's what Tess does with her books because living in a world with now emotion or art, the books she finds are all she's got. And to read something so similar to what I experience through books makes me feel like I really knew her. Tiffany puts into words what I experience with books so effortless is perfect. 

Naturals is a more strong book than the Chosen Ones, lines are drawn and Tess is letting everyone know where she stands. While it might not have a lot of action it has an enjoyable pace where secrets and bits of new information and background are discovered that keeps you interested. It also sets a great beginning for book 3 ( yes please, I need it know!) that in my eyes will be filled with action.
Tiffany Truitt has made an awesome job with Naturals, keeping the characters faithful to their beliefs but allowing them to learn and grow. I can't wait for the next book to come out

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Now lets get off this serious stuff and get to the rambling....
Chapter 17 is probably my favorite. I love the dark feeling to it!

And James is back here!! About time! Lol

But then...

WHY, TIFFANY? WHY? Is it really necessary that you torture us like that with that ending? Really? I'm crying and in shock and damn, even angry because seriously even Romeo and Juliet had it easier than them!
Must admit George bit at the end shock me, wonder what he knows... But he's such a good villain I can't help but love it ! Like, he's perfectly twisted!

But OMG I have a big urge to ramble and I can't! (And I'm using way to many exclamation points)

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About Tiffany Truitt

Tiffany Truitt was born in Peoria, Illinois. A self-proclaimed Navy brat, Tiffany spent most of her childhood living in Virginia, but don’t call her a Southerner. She also spent a few years living in Cuba. Since her time on the island of one McDonalds and Banana Rats (don't ask), she has been obsessed with traveling. Tiffany recently added China to her list of travels (hello inspiration for a new book).

Besides traveling, Tiffany has always been an avid reader. The earliest books she remembers reading belong to The Little House on the Prairie Series. First book she read in one day? Little Woman (5th grade). First author she fell in love with? Jane Austen in middle school. Tiffany spent most of her high school and college career as a literary snob. She refused to read anything considered "low brow" or outside the "classics."

Tiffany began teaching middle school in 2006. Her students introduced her to the wide, wonderful world of Young Adult literature. Today, Tiffany embraces popular Young Adult literature and uses it in her classroom. She currently teaches the following novels: The OutsidersSpeakNight, Dystopian Literature Circles: The Hunger GamesThe GiverThe Uglies, and Matched.

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