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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Deperate Measures - Review

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Desperate Measures (Wicked Villians #1) by Katee Robert

Desperate Measures (Wicked Villians #1) by Katee Robert

Published: May 28, 2019

Publisher: Trinkets and Tales

Genre: Erotic Romance

Couple: Jafar & Jasmine

My Savior… Or My Ruin?

One night, and my entire life went up in flames. All because of him. Jafar. As my world burned down around me, he offered me a choice. Walk away with nothing but my freedom… Or rise to his challenge and win my fortune back.

I bargained.

I lost.

Now Jafar owns me, and even as my mind rails against his rules, my body loves the punishments he deals out when I break them.

But a gilded cage is still a prison, I’ll do anything to obtain my freedom.

Even betray the man I’m falling for.

Welcome to a disney fan’s wicked fantasy.

I don’t know what to say about this haha this is one of those books that you never thought needed/wanted and then it’s ALL you can think about.

Desperates Measures bring us to an AU of Disney characters and it features the most remarkable villians in a city that is ruled by mobs and deals in every kind of pleasure.

If you read Katee’s O’Malleys series, this one is even darker and hoter.

Jasmine is the pretty princes, raised to be nothing more than a bargain chip and trophy of whoever manages to get. But this princess longs for freedom more than anyone.

Jafar comes from nothing, and he’s playing a slow game and ten steps ahead. The weak man he works for has no ambition, but when Jasmine’s hand is sold Jafar is willing to move everything faster and get the woman he’s been looking from afar.

Desperate Measures pays tribute to it’s tittle. It’s fast, unexpected and pulls you in tight.

What surprised me the most was Jafar. For someone that to most comes across as cold calculating bastard, he’s suprisingly gentle and caring. It’s the little details with Jasmine that lets you see how much he cares and likes her, itks the way in wich he can sense and feel what she needs that makes this evil villian be so likeable.

Jasmine is a great heroine! While she starts as a more fragile creature, new to the world around her she finds herself in this book, she learns about what she wants and what she likes, and she likes so much. And theough it all she becomes empowered.

To sum it up, Desperate Measures caters to your every need in a short roller coaster. There’s hot enough to melt an iceberg scenes, a heroine that can kick ass and a villian that is as sinful as they come.

With this book, Katee Robert also opens up a door to a universe that already has me waiting impatiently and exited about what is to come.

About Katee Robert

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Katee Robert learned to tell her stories at her grandpa’s knee.

RT Book Reviews named her title, The Marriage Contract, "a compulsively readable book with just the right amount of suspense and tension." When not writing sexy contemporary and romantic suspense, she spends her time playing imaginary games with her children, driving her husband batty with what-if questions, and planning for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

Katee is represented by Laura Bradford at Bradford Literary Agency . | Twitter | FaceBook | Instagram

Convict Me - Promo

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CONVICT ME by J. Beck & C. Hallman is on sale! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!


Author: J.L. Beck & C. Hallman

Genre: Contemporary Romance


She was a shy little virgin, looking to rebel. I was a bad accident waiting to happen. I’m the bad boy your parents warn you about. I’ve been to prison, killed for someone I love and now I’m suffering through college. Then I see her…sweet, so naïve it hurts, and of, course beautiful. She’s scared of me the moment we lock eyes, but beneath that fear is curiosity. From that moment on I’m consumed with need to make her mine, to claim her…but when my past collides with my future will I risk the chance of going back to prison to protect yet another person I love? **This is book one in the series and can be read as a complete standalone. It contains NO CHEATING, NO CLIFFHANGERS and a HEA. It also contains dark material not suitable for some readers.**

Grab your Copy Today:


About J.L. Beck & C. Hallman:

J.L. Beck & C. Hallman are two ladies with a love for coffee, books, and the bad boys who live inside them. They’re a dynamic duo who love writing all genres of romance, from erotica, to suspense. To date they’ve written ten books together and don’t plan to stop any time soon. When they aren’t writing you can find them making jokes, discussing their next book, arguing over cover photos, and of course drinking more coffee. They’re humble, and truly blessed to have found such amazing readers.

Connect with J.L. Beck:

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Connect with C. Hallman:

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Friday, June 14, 2019

Back For More: Review

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For Kurt Owens, law school came first, but now that he’s back in the city, he can’t deny the sparks when he sees his best friend’s sister for the first time in years. Corina Davies needs a job and takes Kurt up on his offer to be his new assistant. Summer in the city is about to get a whole lot hotter. The seventh book in the beloved 425 Madison Avenue, is now live. Read Back For More by Sylvia Kane today!

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About Back For More

Summer in the city...

She’s smart, hot, and funny. My dream girl.  There’s just one problem. She’s also my best bud’s little sister.  
The sparks have always been there, but law school had to come first. Now, we’re all back in the city and the same sparks fly every time I run into her.  
She needs a job and I need an assistant at the law firm. What could go wrong?
I don’t know if I can hide my feelings any longer.  
I know I shouldn’t go there, but I can’t help it.

My brother's back in town, and I offer to share my awesome apartment. Imagine my surprise when his best friend Kurt walks in.  
He’s still tall, dark, and handsome, and I can’t deny the pull.  
Working together only complicates things. Long days and nights in the office can be dangerous.  
When we’re not at the office, he’s always hanging around my apartment. To see my brother. Yeah, right.

All I know is, summer in the city is about to get a lot hotter.

After all, 425 Madison Avenue is the perfect place to fall in love.

*Each story is completely standalone.

Back for More is super sweet short read!

Corina has had a crush on her brother best friend ever since she can remember. But she thought that was on the past, but now that her brother is back in town and crashing with her and Kurt is back in the picture she isn't so sure...

Kurt knows that looking at Corina is risking his friendship, but seeing her again and helping her finiding a job, with him, might just be too much for his self restrain.

I really enjoyed Back for More. I'm a big fan of the best friend's little sister trope and this one didn't disapoint! Corina's brothr is really overprotective and he starts suspectings ight away. Reading how both Kurt and Corina try to hide their feelings and protect their secret was very fun.

This book is funny and cute. Kurt is a really good guy and Corina was going through a hard time and he came to save the day. Honestly i was rooting for them all along and I found myself grinning along the story more than once!

It was really good to see more of Madison's people and see how everyone found their other half.

Copyright @ 2019 Sylvia Kane

“I’m here for Corina Davies in 1205,” I respond, my nerves rattling even louder than five minutes ago when I was seized with the instinct to see her.
“Is she expecting you?” he asks, resting his hand on the phone.
I shake my head. The guy must think I’m a weirdo for just showing up like this. He’s going to call her for sure.
Sure enough, he picks up the phone. “Ms. Davies, you have a visitor,” he says, and then looks back at me. “Your name?”
I almost turn around to walk back out into the night, but I stay rooted to the spot. “Kurt. Kurt Owens.”
“Kurt Owens. Thanks.” He turns to me again and nods. “Go ahead. Have a good evening.”
I head for the elevator, and my heart rate rises with each step. She’s gonna think I’m fucking nuts for showing up like this at midnight. And why am I doing this again? What do I hope to achieve by interrupting whatever relaxing activity she’s enjoying at this time of night? I don’t know, but the thought of seeing her makes my palms sweat. I remember that skirt she wore, and how soft her legs looked. My cock twitches at the memory of her silky-smooth legs. Fuck. Down, boy. We’re not here for that.
I step into the elevator and before I know it, I’m standing in front of her door, my hand in the air. What am I going to tell her? What’s my excuse for showing up here so late? At the very least, I have to admit it to myself—I just want to see her. I have to see her. There’s no denying the spark that flew between us the other night. All those years hadn’t done a damn thing to kill our chemistry.
It sure is ballsy to just show up here. Maybe I’ve had a bit much to drink, but I’m not drunk. I’m not slurring or falling over myself. She won’t notice.
Finally, I knock. She’s expecting me, because she opens up right away. Seeing her knocks the wind out of me. Her hair rests over her shoulders in this sexy, yet natural way; she has a hint of makeup, but not much. She doesn’t need any. She’s still a natural beauty, just like she was all those years ago.
A light pink, silk robe clings to her body and ends just above the knees. She ties up the belt, very tight, as if afraid it might slip off any minute. Or that I might see what’s underneath. I try to push the thought from my head.
“Hi,” I say, hoping I don’t look as awkward as I feel. I’m standing in her doorway, without any good reason whatsoever, like a doofus. She’d be perfectly justified in turning me away with some excuse about going to sleep or whatever. But, she doesn’t.
She stands back to let me in.
“Hi, Kurt.”
I love the way my name sounds on her lips. Her lush, rosy lips. So smooth and kissable.

Author Info:

If you love naughty romances about irresistible men who love their women fiercely, you’ve come to the right place. Sylvia's books include a sprinkling of angst, introspective and lovable characters, and a healthy helping of steam. She lives in Toronto with her husband, their two young kids, and an adorable Maine Coon who follows them around like a guard dog when they go for walks!

About the 425 Madison Series

Welcome to 425 Madison Ave the perfect place to fall in love. Nine delicious romances set in fast-paced & sexy NYC just waiting for you to read.

The series features stories from some of your favorite romance authors: Leigh Lennon, MK Moore, Allie York, Aubree Valentine, Kay Gordon, Lauren Helms, Sylvia Kane, Katy Ames, and C. Lesbirel.

Join these authors as they come together, each with a standalone romance for you to enjoy.

Featuring some of readers' favorite tropes: second-chance romance, best friends sibling romance to a good ol' enemies to lovers romance. We've got you covered with a sports romance, a fake relationship and even an ugly duckling or two. Don't forget a brother's best friend and falling for your soul mate. Maybe a little love triangle as well. Each tale offers you something new, something different. After all, 425 Madison Avenue is the perfect place to fall in love.