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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Blog Tour: You're Still The One by Rachel Harris

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You're Still the One - Review & Excerpt Tour banner


We are so excited to bring you the Review & Excerpt Tour for Rachel Harris’s YOU’RE STILL THE ONE, the first novel in Rachel’s Country Blues Series! YOU’RE STILL THE ONE – a novel published by Entangled Bliss – is out now. Grab your copy today!

You're Still the One -cover  You're Still The One (Country Blues #1)
by Rachel Harris
Published: February 15th, 2016
Publisher: Bliss (Entangled)

Love is one dare neither of them can take...

Arabella Stone, Nashville’s darling, is eager to shuck her prim-and-proper rep, and a few wild months spent checking items off her “ summer bucket list” is the way to do it. First up: kiss the man she’s crushed on since she wore a training bra, the bad boy of country himself, Blue bassist Charlie Tucker.

For Charlie, a beautiful woman flirting with him isn’t out of the norm—but a beautiful woman bolting after the hottest kiss of his life sure is. And when he finds out his kiss-and-run Cinderella is none other than Arabella Stone, daughter of his label’s CEO, he knows he’s in trouble. Because not only is she a Stone, she’s also his employee for the next few months at the recording studio he just bought.

Over the course of one thrilling summer, Arabella and Charlie chip away at her list, but once it ends, so does their time together.

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 Ahh!! She did it again. This woman can make my heart happy withing a few chapters and this book is great from start to finish.

You're Still The One introduces to one Charlie Tucker, bass player in one of the most important country bands and favorite player in the industry; and one Arabella Stone, Nashville sweetheart and royalty favorite perfect child. But Arabella is ready to step out of her propper image and jump into the wild side even if it is for one short summer and in an ordely manner with a list of priorities.

Rachel Harris did a fantastic job at building the characters personalities and relationship slowly. While reading you get the know Charlie and Arabella, what they want, what they are afraid of and how easily things starting coming together for the two of them.
I loved the slow burn and reading how a crush became a friendship and how that evolved so naturally. Their adventures are sure to bring a smile on your face and their heart to heart may have brought a tear or two.

You're Still The One is the perfect romance book. Charlie is the bad boy with a soft side every girl wants and Ella is such an easy girl you can't help but fall for them. I love her little quirks and how real and tridimentional Ms. Harris made her.

But deep down, one of the things I loved the most about this book is how it wasn't just about the romance but you got some very inspiring lesson along the ride, and I think is a first in Ms. Harris writing. Charlie is starting a foundation to help teens fight depression and while you don't get the back story she treats the subject in a serious matter without making it dark. Ella, on the other hand, is discovering herself, who she is and what she wants in life and that is one journey everyone can relate. Add to that how Charlie and Ella experience love for the first time and it's one amazing story.

By know, I love everything Rachel Harris writes, you can be sure you'll get a sweet romance with great characters that you'll feel are like family, a bit of drama and humor. All balanced expertly in one of the best books you'll read.

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Rachel Harris - Author photo    About Rachel Harris:

New York Times bestselling author Rachel Harris writes humorous love stories about sassy girls-next-door and the hot guys that make them swoon. Vibrant settings, witty banter, and strong relationships are a staple in each of her books…and kissing. Lots of kissing. An admitted Diet Mountain Dew addict and homeschool mom, she gets through each day by laughing at herself, hugging her kids, and watching way too much Food Network with her husband. She writes young adult, new adult, and adult romances, and LOVES talking with readers!    

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Waiting on Debt by Rachel Dunning

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Welcome to our first waiting on Wednesday post!

This week we have a new adult book by Rachel Dunning that just sounds like our kind of read aaannd we won't have to wait too long for this one!
Check out the blurd and excerpt below and tell us what you think :)

Debt by Rachel Dunning
Published: March 30th, 2016

The Debt Collector

I pay my debts, and I expect others to. 
I was raised in the slums of London, I knew nothing of privilege. My father was murdered when I was seventeen. Morty figured my father's passing meant I would automatically take on dad's debts. I refused. 
And I paid for that refusal.
So did my sister. 
So now I fight. All I know how to do is fight. The best cash is in the states, so that's where I am now. A big fish called Vito came along offering me a "favor" when I arrived.
Another debt.
I paid for that one too. 
I knew Kyla Hensley would be trouble when I met her. But I wanted her. I could see through the falsehood of her wannabe-slutty clothes and her sexy legs. So I chased her. 
Besides, trouble is my middle name. 

Kyla Hensley

I was brought up in privilege, but I lacked everything else. My father is a business tycoon who buys and sells and doesn't care who gets rolled over in the process. 
I never knew my mother, and all I have of her is a photo with a note scrawled on the back in French saying "I'm sorry." The only Female Figure I had growing up is my dad's wife who is a bleach blond with seven boob jobs. We never bonded.
I drink. I party. I meet guys.
But I wasn't always like that. 
I've had a string of lovers in the last few years, the worst and most recent of which was Vince Somerset. My best friend Vera was dating a guy called Rory Cansoom who is the opposite of Vince in so many ways, and yet so the same. 
She and I hit the road for the summer, getting away from the two college psychos and just trying to have some fun. 
But there's a funny thing about trouble, the more you run from it, the more it finds you. 
Which is when I met the Debt Collector. 
It was only supposed to be sex. He made that clear. I made that clear. 
That's all it was supposed to be.
I never expected to fall in love. I never expected to fall so deeply, madly, uncomfortably in love with a man who is wrong, so wrong for me. 
And unbelievably right.

Standalone Novel.
No Cliffhanger



I push my head back against the wall, not sure what’s coming, but not fighting it either.
“Who are you?” he repeats.
“I...I don’t know what you mean.”
“I see you at a bar in Texas, then I look for you all over Nashville. And suddenly you’re at my side in a hospital, following me into this warehouse. Who are you?”
“I didn’t follow you into the warehouse. You needed to pick up your truck, and you were stumbling.”
“So I wanted to make sure you were OK.”
And I want you to take my clothes off and I want us to live happily ever after. “That’s it.”
Logan grins, a deadly look for him with his dimples. “Don’t do that,” I say.
“Why not?”
Because you’re beautiful. “Just don’t.”

About Rachel
Rachel Dunning hit the scene in August 2013 and is the author of the highly praised Naive Mistakes Series, Truthful Lies Trilogy, Johnny Series and the paranormal romance series, Mind Games.
A prolific writer, she sticks to stories where Alpha Males aren’t pricks and where women have guts.
She’s lived on two different continents, speaks three different languages, and met the love of her life on the internet. In other words, romance is in her blood.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Review: F*ck of the Irish

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fuck of the irish - release blitz.jpg

F*ck of the Irish (The Hard and Dirty Holidays) 
by Celia Aaron
Publisher: Author
Published: Feb 9th, 2016
I received an ecopy in exchange for an honest review

Eamon is my crush, the one guy I can’t stop thinking about. His Irish accent, toned body, and sparkling eyes captivated me the second I saw him. But since he slept with my roommate, who claims she still loves him, he’s been off limits. Despite my prohibition on dating him, he has other ideas. Resisting him is the key to keeping my roommate happy, but giving in may bring me more pleasure than I ever imagined.


Got some free time? Find a nice quiet place for you to read this short and steamy novella and enjoy!

Eamon and Laurel have a crush on each other for a while now and their furtive glances are generating some tension, but there's a big problem for Laurel: her roommate is in love with Eamon so she avoids the hot irish student at all costs.
Eamon is tired of waiting and wanting Laurel and he is detemined to get her.

I love the characters in this book. Despite being a short read, I felt like we did have some background to their "relationship" and how they slowly got to know each other in a way so it didn't felt like insta-love. Celia Aaron get mayor bonus points for this. the suportive characters where great as well. 

Laurel was a sweet girl and she was very caring with everyone in her life and specially her roommate, Claudia. I was glad to see her also as a strong person who goes for what she wants.
Eamon comes off as the sexy bad boy type and he is, but you also get to see a sweet side of him that I wasn't expecting and I thought it was nice touch to the story. 

The Epilogue sums up the story for what it is, a short sweet and sexy read that you don't want to miss.
I'll be looking forward to read more from Celia Aaron. 

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Free on Kindle Unlimited

Take a look at the book

I sipped my drink as he took a long swig of his beer. He came away with a foam mustache, and I had the craziest impulse to lick it. I smiled and stifled my laugh.
“What?” He raised his eyebrows at me. “Something on my face, love?”
“No.” I shook my head. “Not a thing?”
“Nope. Everything is totally normal.”
He took another swig, even more foam collecting on his upper lip.
“How about now?”
I giggled. “Perfectly fine. I see nothing amiss.”
He leaned in, the beer a mix of sweet and rich on his breath. “Care for a taste?”
My heart leapt into my throat and I stared into his eyes, the blue even deeper in the dimness of the bar.
He pulled me closer, his fingertips pressing into my shoulder. Before I could back away, his mouth was on mine, his lips firm and warm. I clutched his shirt as he pushed me into the wall, caging me with his muscular body. My breath was gone, stolen by him as he licked along the seam of my lips, asking for entrance. He slid a hand down to my lower back and pulled me against him, pressing my breasts hard into his chest. I gasped at the friction on my nipples and he plunged his tongue into me.
I moaned into his mouth, and he growled a low response. His tongue mastered mine, and he eclipsed any thoughts I may have had about propriety or people watching. There was only him, his mouth, his body, the heat he stoked inside me.    

About the Author

Celia Aaron is the self-publishing pseudonym of a published romance and erotica author. She loves to write stories with hot heroes and heroines that are twisty and often dark. Thanks for reading.

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Cover Reveal: Saving Kendrix

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 Cover reveal.jpg

Add it your Goodreads shelf now.


Saving Kendrix.jpg

I’ve lived in shadows all of my life
Feeling empty, but never knowing what I was truly missing
I’ve been taught to hide my talents and be invisible
Until Kendrix walks into my life and sees me. All of me.
I know he is my destiny, but he is holding himself back
There is something he isn’t telling me
I’m afraid when the truth comes out, it will tear us apart

I made a choice to give up my soul and forever alter my destiny
I embraced abilities that I’d kept hidden
But they don’t make up for what I’ve lost
It seems a cruel trick of Fate that I finally met the one who was meant to be mine
And yet, I can never have her
My job is to deceive Alysia and ultimately, to give her up
But the darkness calls to me
Tempting me to hide in the shadows with her forever


    Hell is often portrayed as a burning pit of fire. However, I’m beginning to wonder if Dante had it right. It seems logical to believe that there are nine levels of hell that are broken down into something like another eighteen circles. Each one different, each one designated to specific sins, and each one with their own unique atmosphere, not all of which are hot  with fire. Where I stand, right now, is one circle of Hell. But, it is cold and dark, filled with misery at knowing what I’ve left behind and what is stretched before me. I do my best no to dwell on what was, because there is no greater pain than remembering times of love and joy, when they are forever out of your reach. You cannot pluck them from the past, and you’ll never find them in your future.

The only thing I have to cling to is my purpose, the reason I made the choice to fall into my own level of Hell.  A small fraction of my soul is tightly gripped, enough to remind me what I must do and why I have no choice but to succeed. Beyond that, I have no comprehension of what my future holds after this assignment. I’m finally embracing my abilities as a fate reader, but I am blind to my own destiny. What I see before me is an eternal stretch of blackness.
I can only try my best not to fully succumb to evil. But, if I’m bound to live in darkness forever, is there really any other choice?


AP - about the author.jpg

I’m a lover of all things books, a hopeless romantic, and have always had a passion for writing. Between being a sappy romantic, my love of an HEA, my crazy imagination, and ok, let’s be real, my dirty mind, I fell easily into writing romance.
I’m a huge baseball fan and yet, a complete girly, girl. I’m an obsessive reader and have a slight (hahaha! Slight? Yeah, right) addiction to signed books.
I’m married to my very own book boyfriend, an alpha male with a sexy, sweet side. He is the best inspiration, my biggest supporter and the love of my life. He is also incredibly patient and understanding about the fact that he has to fight the voices in my head for my attention.
I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoyed writing them!
Author Links

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cover Reveal: Pitching my Heart

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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00031]
PITCHING MY HEART (Live, Laugh, Baseball #1)
Author:Karly Morgan & Samantha Long

After a disastrous date in college, Katryn Winters never wants to come face to face with hot pitcher Weston Dukes again. When she’s assigned the interview of a lifetime by her magazine with the elusive Weston Dukes, what is she to do?

Weston jumps from girl to girl with no desire to settle down. A previous relationship has left him bitter and cynical. When he’s approached for the interview with Katryn, he can’t help but remember how horribly things ended with their date. 

What happens when he accepts the interview and sparks begin to fly between them? Will they catch the pitch love has thrown at them or will they both strike out?

PMH_Teaser 1