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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Review: Theirs for the Night

Theirs for the Night (The Thalanian Dynasty, #1) by Katee Robert
Expected publication: July 31st 2018

Meg Sanders has spent her life playing by the rules—until tonight. It’s her birthday and she’s determined to be a little wild and a whole lot carefree, at least until she has to get back to reality tomorrow. But the last thing she expects is to be seduced on the dance floor by two gorgeous men.

Theo and Galen are each incredibly sexy on their own, and potentially devastating as a pair—and they want her. Meg isn’t down for anything resembling complicated when her life is such a mess, but the two of them win her over with the promise of a night out of her deepest, darkest fantasy—and that they walk the next morning with no strings attached.

After all, anything goes when it’s only for one night…

This novella was free for newsleers subscribers, bt i will be available o prchase soon! Is a precuel fo a fll lengh book that will release later this year!

This MMF story follows Theo, Galen and Meg as they meet for the first time.

While Meg is out celebrating her birthday she mets Theo and Galen, and when they propose one night of fun and then no strings, she agrees.

The chemestry in this short novella is off the charts! And I loved the dynamic between Theo and Galen. After knowing each other for so long they share more than a friendship and the way they just know what the other is thinking made them even better.
Meg is a great character, she’s trying to be responsable and live a little and while at some points she feels like she’s well over her head, she never backs down from a challenge and she can give these two guys who are used to getting their way a run for their money.

While Theo is used to be the one in charge, there’s a little part near the end, where Galen joins Meg and they make him give in that totally stole my heart. I don’t think that’s something he’s used to and those little moments will be his end hehe
And a bit of fun in the middle is good, because this is so hot that is Ms. Robert doesn’t give us a bit of breathing room, we’ll be dead!

I can’t wait to read the full book and see what happens to them!

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