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Friday, June 29, 2018

Review: Knowing You


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Knowing You (Cursed #2) by Rebecca Donovan 
Release Date: June 27, 2018 
Genre: Young Adult

Under suspicion for a crime she watched him commit, Lana will pay for her silence. Her new lawyer strikes a deal, sending her to a boarding school in Vermont. It’s supposed to be a second chance. An escape from a dead-end life in Sherling. Except Lana doesn’t want to leave those who depend on her behind.

Lana is convinced she has nothing in common with the sons and daughters of celebrities and politicians who attend Blackwood School. But she soon finds out, that they're all delinquents... just like her. Theirs is a world of contrived headlines and publicity facades, and Lana's unabated honesty is a keen contrast to their lie-filled lives. She finds herself with new friends, just by telling the truth.

But not everyone is welcoming. Someone is out to destroy Lana, and she has no idea why. The longer she stays at Blackwood, the more dangerous it becomes for her and everyone she cares about. And it will only get worse when Lana discovers the truth.


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Read Book 1, If I’d Known

Knowing You is book 2 in the cursed series, and is as misterious, intriguing and captivating as the first. 

I devoured the two books, and they need to be read in order because the story continues right where the first one ends. 
Lana is sent to a private school, to pay for the silence. Instead of juvie, she ends up at a school where the privilege high their wilder children. 

I LOVED how things developed in this book. The questions keep adding but we get to see more of Lana, to learn more about herself and she's not just strong, she's so caring for her loved ones. 
The lawer, Grant, the notes. They add a lot of diention to the story. Reading how Lana interacts with Grant is great. Everything keeps you focus on the now and things happen at a fast pace but the author manages to keep you going and into the story, without getting lost (maybe more confused than when you started it, but that's the beauty of the story)

Rebecca Donnovan writes inspiring characters, strong teenagers, mature and a bit trouble that makes them relatable and makes the readers want to follo to see what happens next. 


“If I tell you, they won’t come true.”  I stuff a mound of cake into my mouth.
Lily releases a small tinkling laugh. “Do you believe that?”
“Do you believe they’ll come true at all, no matter if I say them out loud or not?”
“I think we always receive what we deserve, and belief has very little to do with it. It has more to do with our character, and how that balances out on the scales of good and evil. Can’t have one without the other, right?”
I look at her curiously.  “But isn’t good always supposed to win in the end?” I can barely function, forget about contemplate karmic balance. And we’re going down a strange and windy path right now. Because I know good doesn’t always win.


Meet Rebecca

Optimism seeps from every pore of my body. I truly believe that what's supposed to happen... will! In that regard, I don't know how to give up; it's not part of my biological make up.
I'm a passionate (and some would say, overly enthusiastic) person. I learn by doing (and have been burned more times that I'd like to admit), but I will always throw my entire self into whatever I do - fail or succeed.
I think this is evident when I write, leaving nothing behind and spilling it all out on the pages. I give it all to my readers - love it or hate it.
The path I'm on is very often my own, veering off the beaten path at the sight of something more interesting or captivating, getting caught in the vines and thorns in order to experience the beauty and intrigue others often pass by. And I always meet the most interesting people along the way...

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