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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Review: Saved by the Bad Boy

Saved by the Bad Boy (Devil's Dragons MC #1) by Nikki Wild
Published: April 20th 2016

"Don't f*ck the case lead." If that's a rule in the detective handbook, I'm SCREWED. 

Eight years ago, Hunter wasn't exactly the type of boy you brought home. 
Rough and rugged, his fresh leather jacket only made him look even more dangerous. 
Didn't help that he knew how to make that motorcycle between his muscular thighs purr. 
And that wasn't the only huge thing drawing my attention... 
I thought he was out of my life forever, but I was wrong... and this time, we're on opposite sides of the law. 

Me, the fresh new detective, hunting down a missing girls case. 
And Hunter... the rock-hard biker president of a notorious motorcycle club. 

He just turned up in the case file... and he might be my only help. 
Is this a chance to fix everything and set it all right again? 
If I get swept into this life, there's no turning back… 

Saved by the Bad Boy is a full length romantic suspense, and comes with free bonus content from Nikki Wild for a limited time.

If you're into bad boys with a sweet side, this book is just for you. Sarah was the Sheriff's daughter, so you can imagine that having a boyfriend who was part of a motorcycle club was not good. She thought that their relationship was stronger than whatever life could throw at them but after one night everything Sarah and Hunter had was over. Eight years later, Sarah is sure she'll never see Hunter again. She's a detective now and needs to prove to every man in the force she's just as good. But her boss hates her and sends her on an impossible missing girls case that puts Hunter right in front of her. Saved by the Bad Boy grabs your attention from the start. What starts like a rebellious act from Sarah soon turns into more. She's in love with Hunter and you can see it when they talk and how they protect each other, she's trying to help him and keep them together. And their chemistry is of the charts! Eight years later and that fire they had is still there. And is not just their bodies remembering, they can work as a team perfectly. Hunter hasn't changed even though he now leads the club. He's still looking for justice, he just learned at a young age that sometimes that didn't come from the police. So he does his best and leads his club and neighbors the best he can. He's been looking for those girls, and others, longer than the police and won't give up until he brings them home. I enjoyed the relationship between Sarah and Hunter. Their past made it easy to see their connection and make it believeable. The way they were described, in tones of grey instead of making them completely good or bad added another dimension to the story, I mean the club lead some illegal dealings but also protected their people while Sarah was willing to bend and break rules to get the girls back. Nikki Wild introduces a nice world that I'm intrigued with. The book does end with a cliffhanger, just so you know, Sarah and Hunter's story isn't over.

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About the author

Hi, I’m Nikki Wild and I write steamy stories full of love, romance, and suspense.
In my life I’ve always had two dreams. I wanted to be an author, and I wanted to be a mother. Trouble is, I’m two for two and I need to figure out what I’m going to dream of next! Travel? A new house? Another bag of Christopher Bean Vanilla Butternut Cookie coffee? The sky is the limit.
Thank you for helping make my dreams come true. You have no idea what it means to know that there are people out there enjoying the words I’ve put down on paper.
I love you all,
-Nikki Wild


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