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Monday, September 18, 2017

Review: His Best Friend's Little Sister

His Best Friend's Little Sister (His and Hers #2) by Vivian Wood
Published: June 10th 2017
Ebook provided by the author in exchange of an honest review

From Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestseller Vivian Wood

His best friend’s little sister is about to get something… BIG.

Henry Wyatt is big all over, ripped as sin, and fresh out of the Navy SEALs. When he decides to go to his best friend’s cabin for some downtime, the last thing he expects is to run into her, naked and tempting him in ways he never could have imagined.

Ellie’s his best friend’s little sister and he’s never seen her like that. Little Ellie is all grown up, with a body that begs to be touched.

There’s no way Henry should be looking at her like that, or thinking about how her body would sway just so if he turned her over and took her from behind. She’s almost ten years younger than him, and besides that, she’s Eliah’s little sister.

She’s off limits. Period. Until Ellie reveals that she’s never been with a man before, and suddenly all Henry can think about is being her first. Hell, he’d be the last man she was ever with, too… But Ellie has her own set of reasons why that could never happen.

When Henry sets his mind to something though, there’s no stopping him… and little Ellie doesn’t stand a chance.

If you want a short sexy read for the weekend this would be your choice. Ellie has had a crush on her brother's best friend for as long as she can remember. Henry was perfect even at a young age, even if he couldn't see her. At sixteen, she tried to take things farther but she got turned down. Henry was shocked with Ellie's actions but even more with how he reacted to them. Now, normally I love this trope. How they know each other for so long, notice little things that make them fall in love with time. His Best Friend Little Sister doesn't have that and with good reason, 10 years older than Ellie I would be a little worried his teenage self would be atracted to a child. Heck it got weird at sixteen. The other thing that bothered me was that she claimed to love him, to know him. And she really didn't. It's a shame really, I feel like this could have been played differently and still work. The secluded cabin allowed them to develop their relationship without interruptions and get to know the other more intimately. I actually really liked both characters. Ellie is fresh out of college, trying to find her own way while a struggling with a very bad and very public break up and being the Presindent's baby sis. Henry is trying to get his PTSD under control. They both compliment each other. I think the author really got a nice dynamic between them so that made this read really enjoyable.

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About the author
Vivian likes to write about troubled, deeply flawed alpha males and the fiery, kick-ass women who bring them to their knees. Vivian's lasting motto in romance is a quote from a favorite song: "Soulmates never die." Be sure to follow Vivian through her Vivian's Vixens mailing list or Facebook group to keep up with all the awesome giveaways, author videos, ARC opportunities, and more!


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