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REVIEW + GIVEAWAY: Why It's Called Falling by Lelie Stephens

Having written off men after being burned too many times, twenty-two-year-old Aspen Williams is ready to finish college and start living her life. She and her best friend head south of the border to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for their dream vacation. This vacation was to be all about sun, fun and girl time … or so she thought. A chance encounter puts her directly in the path of Hollywood’s hottest leading man, Ryan Lark. 

Hollywood stars shine brightly and Ryan Lark is no exception. He is an all-American boy wrapped up in a body made for sin with a face that defined beautiful masculinity. What you don’t see through the glare of the movie screen is a gentle and tender man whose heart and soul have been burned by the very same lights that made him who he is. 

In true Hollywood fashion, sparks fly between Aspen and Ryan. Even though she tries not to, Aspen falls fast and hard with hopes that Ryan feels the same way. But she learns the brutal truth of why it’s called falling in love. 

With more on the line than they both bargained for, will their final scene be a happily ever after?


Aspen and Ryan get more than they bargained for from a vacation.

Aspen was just looking to relax in the sun with drink and party all night on the vacation of her dreams.  Ryan wanted to take a break from Hollywood with fun and sun and hook-ups.

I thought Aspen was a cool chick, but at some points she annoyed me when she did not stand her ground like she did at the beginning, but she made up for it in the end.  Aspen was NOT a whiny and annoying little girl like I'd expect her to be in this story, which made me very happy.

Although it was nice that the book changed views, I found it odd that it didn't start until a third through the book and it was sudden.  I probably would have hated Ryan though, and never forgiven him if it we didn't get his point of view.  I enjoyed taking a look into his brain and knowing why he did some stuff instead of being stuck in Aspen's point of view and not knowing what was going on.

The story jumps right in and takes off and does not give you a break till the very end.  I loved that the book was a quick and easy read that you can easily finish in a day.  One problem I found was some parts dragged on a little and some parts jumped too fast, but overall it worked out.  I enjoyed some twists and turns that I was not expecting and they hooked me in.
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Leslie Stephens is a former executive who walked away from corporate America to pursue a passion for writing. After endless hours of reading Contemporary Romance and Erotica novels, Leslie wrote and published her debut novel, Why It's Called Falling in July, 2014. 

In between writing sessions, Leslie transports her two children to their various activities. She can usually be found at a baseball diamond cheering on her favorite 2nd baseman or a high school gymnasium doing hair and make-up for her darling baton twirler.

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