Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Hey Loves!! You probably know by now that Diana and I are BIG Street Teamers
We just love books that much :D

Today, we're here to introduce you to The Six Underground Club
and we just fit in there like no one else!

Six Underground is the Street Team for the books of the lovely Jus Accardo and her Denazen Series!
So let us tell you the must knows about it:

This is our heroine Dez.
She's the coolest girl in town, has an attitude to match and lots of style.
She's not your nerdy type... nope Dez is all about rebelious acts and party!

This is Kale.
Innocent, Dangerous and stremely sexy... Kale
He hasn't been out much so the world is a weird place for him and he can be the sweetest guy on earth.
He's not your bad boy... he's all about getting the job done and protecting Dez no matter what. 

This is Jade... 
We don't like her, actually we hate her.
She wants to get Kale (as if that would ever happen) and she just pisses Dez and us off...
To join, you MUST hate her as well... Sorry it's the only requirement ;)


This is Kiernan... or her Hair which is AWESOME!
So, yeah that's all you have to know to start off... 

To join the fun and become a member of The Six Underground go HERE

To see our reviews of TOUCH just click on the link.

Check out the giveaways going on right now here:

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