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Crewel by Gennifer Albin + Scavanger hunt

by Gennifer Albin

What a tangled world she weaves...
For generations, Spinsters have been called by Arras’s Manipulation Services to work the looms and determine what people eat, where they live, how many children they have, and even when they die. Gifted with the rare ability to weave time with matter, Adelice is exactly what the Guild is looking for, and in Arras, being chosen as a Spinster is everything a girl could want. It means privilege, eternal beauty, and being something other than a secretary. It also means the power to embroider the very fabric of life. But once you become a Spinster, there is no turning back. Now caught in a web of lies and intrigue, Adelice must decide who to trust: her kind mentor, Enora; the handsome and mysterious valet Jost; or the charismatic Guild ambassador Cormac Patton. They each have secrets, but Adelice is about to unravel the deadliest one of all, a sinister truth that could destroy reality as she knows it.
In a powerful and original debut about a world where the Guild decides everything, one extraordinary girl dares to defy the power of men and the boundaries of love.

Crewel at first reminds me of Delirium by Lauren Oliver with the government controlling how your life plays out. Then it starts to remind me of Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, when the government tries to convince everyone that being a Spinster (or a “Pretty” in the case of Uglies) is good, but it’s really not all it’s cracked up to be. It gets into Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins territory when she’s taken away to be a Spinster, and has a ton of officials breathing down her neck wishing she was dead. Even though this book has those similarities, or reminds me of those things, this book is still in itself original. The way she describes the tapestry of life makes think of Little Big Planet.  She describes how all the living things in this world are knit together, so maybe that’s why I make the random connection? Enough with the connections I made.

Crewel takes place in the distant future and follows the life of Adelice Lewys. In this new surrounding, all living things are now controlled in these woven tapestries made by Spinsters. The Spinsters are chosen in these month long tests when they finish their basic academics. The world is segregated by gender, and guys have the upper hand. The only time a woman has any actual power is if they are a Spinster. Spinsters are considered royalty, movies stars or whatever, so of course every young girl wants to be one. Once you are chosen to go to the coventry, you can no longer return home and are bound to celibacy. The girls are given lots of lectures on abstinence, which some girls find hard with all the good looking bodyguards around the compound. You are introduced to some hotties in the beginning of the novel (i.e. Erik and Jost), but you really don’t know what to make of them at first in this foreign place Adelice is dropped into.

The author makes it really easy to immerse yourself in this new world.  Adelice is a compelling character to follow with her headstrong ways and hidden potential.  If you read Uglies, Delirium, and/or Hunger Games, you will like this book.  There were also no major mistakes, which makes me happy.

About the Author
Gennifer Albin is a recovering academic who realized she could write books of her own and discovered to her delight that people would read them. She lives in Kansas with her family and writes full-time. Her debut novel, Crewel, the first in a trilogy, will be published in October 2012 by FSG/Macmillan.

Where to Buy
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Need more?
Check out a short story that takes place in Crewel World by Gennifer Albin HERE.

Hunt Time!!!!!!
Directions: There are a list of links below that are your key to finding the answers to the questions in the scavenger hunt. Please answer all the question that are listed for the hunt and the winner that answers all of them correctly will win the awesome prize of a box set full of Fierce Reads titles!
1. Whats Gennifer Albins favorite thing to drink?
2. What is the last phrase in the Crewel Trailer?
3.  What's Gennifer Albin's favorite number? Pick a number between 1-100.(Guess!)
4. What do the Spinsters weave? Be specific(it is mentioned on Gennifer's  blog)
5. When was the Crewel trailer released? 

PrizeOne LUCKY winner will get.......
  - A box set of ARC Fierce Read Titles!

Entry Form: When you have found all the answers click HERE and fill out the form to qualify!  
If chosen you must reply to the email within 48 hours or another winner WILL be chosen. Open to the US ONLY(SORRY). 
-Must answer each question correctly to win. Winner will be chosen randomly through
-Must provide a working email address in the form!
-You have until October 18th to enter!
               Crewel Trailer 
               Gennifer Albin's blog 
These links shall guide you on your quest to a Crewel World.
Weave Wisely.

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