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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Review: Ultimate Surrender

Ultimate Surrender (Men Who Thrill #5) by Kaye Blue
Published. 2005

CEO and mercenary Lucian Silver is desperate to keep his defense company afloat. Taking on meddling investors was his last resort. But the mere presence of Cassandra Portersen and her watchful eye makes his blood boil—and his temperature rise. As much as he wants to hate her, he can't deny their irresistible attraction. And when Lucian discovers that Cassandra is far from the enemy he thought, he finally begins to let down his guard. Then tragedy strikes, and Cassandra is more in danger than he could have imagined. It's up to Lucian to save the woman he didn't want around—and now cannot live without. But can Lucian fight for love when terror is knocking down his door?

This is really fast paced.

Cassandra has worked for Lucian for a while now and they never see eye to eye, but their attraction is undeniable. When Cassandra is in danger Lucian keeps her safe.

The blurb says that Lucian sees that Cassandra is not out to get him, but he gets closer to her because of a stalker. I liked the premise and the idea behind the stalker thing, and while it became know too fast for my taste, it was nice written. When they discover the danger is greater than expected Lucian tries to help Cassandra again.

While I really liked the ideas for this plot I didn't like the story all that much. The relationship between Cassandra and Lucian changes super fast. One minute they can't stand in the same room and the next they can't be appart for one minute. While I understand teh sexual part of it, the authpr made more emotional for a very short time together. The stalking / blackmailing idea was great too. It had the potencial foor a really high tension kind of book but I think both situation were resolved a bit toop quickly or easy for me.

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About the author
Hello, I'm Kaye, and I write hot, gritty, suspenseful romance that features alpha males and the curvy women they love.


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