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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Review: Playing it Cool

Playing it Cool (Portwood Brothers #0.5) by Emily Robertson 
Published: July 14th, 2017

Addison has had her future mapped out since she was a little girl – pre-law degree from the University of Nebraska, getting into a top notch law school, followed by a career as a no-nonsense lawyer. She knows that a husband will come at some point, but she hasn’t figured that part out yet. One thing is certain, it’s not Bryce Portwood, the annoying class clown in her English class.

Bryce has never taken anything too serious. Life’s too short to get all worked up and never have fun. The moment Addison Webster opened her mouth, he knew she needed to let her hair down, and he wanted to be the one to help her. Getting Addison to hang out was easy. Getting her to lighten up and trust him, not so much.

Bryce has a plan. If he can get her to let go and have fun, maybe she’ll see he’s not so bad. If Bryce can just play it cool, maybe he can prove to her that he can fit into those well-laid plans after all.

I loved this from the first page!
Addison has always tried to be the best and focused on her life and future. No time for fun or friends. 
Bryce is a care free kind of guy. He's honest, loyal but at the same time so friendly and open. 

The first time they met, Bryce sets his eyes on Addison but she quickly moves on and forgets about him. He? No so much.  

I loved reading how much Bryce had to work to get Addison to see him and take him seriously. Bryce family adds so much to the story, and is such a contrast to Addison's family and upbringing.
These two compliment each other so well! And Bryce proves over and over that he's reliable and trustworthy.

Playing it Cool is a great romance novella with lots of fun moments. I love reading about the characters discovering themselves and learning to trust each other.

This novella is the perfect way to start this series and I can't wait to read about the rest of the family.

About Emily Robertson 

Emily Robertson graduated from Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas with a degree in Theatre. She is an avid reader and enjoys reading New Adult and Romance as much as she does writing them. She currently resides in the Washington D.C. area with her husband and two children. She loves connecting with and talking to other readers.

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