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Caleb and Alex's love affair was risky from the start, especially since Caleb is a young professor and Alex is his student. Then the night comes when the two cannot ignore their feelings any longer and the passion that erupts between them rocks both their worlds to the core. Finally finding a love worth fighting for, the two embark on a journey to get to know each other. But ghosts from both their pasts threaten to end the love affair before it even begins and one of those ghosts may threaten their very lives.


This is a short lovely story. I really enjoyed Unhinged Me. 

Caleb and Alex met by chance but from the start they both knew they couldn't have a relationship. He's a proffesor and she is a student at Georgia's largest University. Two years after their frst encounter, Alex ends up in Caleb's poetry class and they can't denied the atracttion between them even though they both know is wrong. 

One night hey can't hold it any longer and give in to their desires. 
Their romance is fast, strong and sudden but so perfect. They easily fall into a familiar rutine. They complement each other in a lovely way.

But they know is dangerous and they have to be careful with their meetings. So when Caleb's past catches up to them thins start to complicate. 

The characters are very real, easy to relate and believe. The suporting characters from Rachel, Alex's best friend, to the owners of the pub Caleb goes to add a realy nice touch to the story. 

While some things didn't feel right by the end of the book and I had some troubles getting into the story at first, the book is an enjoyable read. 

Ann Montgomery's debut novel is a nice read for the weekend. :)

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Ann Montgomery lives in NY with her husband, two children, and small Yorkie.
She is passionate about a lot of things. She has learned to speak three languages and plays the piano. She loves traveling, photography, TV and film, and, of course, reading.
While writing her first book, she balanced being a full time wife, mom, and student. This year she will receive her associate’s degree with a concentration in psychology and will continue on for her bachelors. And she did it all with the help of two of her favorite things- coffee in the morning and wine at night!

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