Saturday, February 15, 2014

Flirtilicious Blog Hop

Hello Loves!!

So Valentine's Day was yesterday BUT the Flirt Squad and the awesome Rachel Harris have festivities going on until the 21th!
February is our month after all :)

And I have an excerpt to share with all of you!

At the corner of Saint Peter, he tossed money in a musician’s opened guitar case. Setting the painting beside it, he took Colby’s hand and twirled her in a slow circle. Tugging her close he whispered, “Dance with me.”
The world shrank to the two of them, and the sultry sound of a blues guitar. Jason’s hips brushed hers. Their eyes locked. And Colby was lost. A goner. As he slid his hand around her waist, guiding her left hand behind his neck with the other, she wondered how she ever thought she could do this without falling head over heels for him again. The boy of her childhood had been fantasy worthy. The man he’d become was real—battle tested and flawed, but still devastatingly perfect for her.
Neither of them spoke as they swayed to the rasp of the singer’s voice, the intoxicating thrum of his harmonica. They didn’t need to. She was pretty sure her feelings were written all over her face. She was exposed, vulnerable. And torn between wanting to believe the promise she thought she saw in Jason’s eyes and needing to steel her heart against it.
He made her want to believe that they could be different. That he could stay faithful and they could have a real shot. Loosening the binds around her heart would be taking a giant leap; she’d be abandoning her entire belief system. But Jason Landry may just be worth it.
The song ended. Drawing oxygen into her parched lungs, Colby turned to thank the musician. The old gentleman tipped his hat and gave her a sweet, missing tooth smile. “Y’all have a nice night now.”

If you haven't readt Rachel Harris' Taste The Heat, you should do so right now! The whole Love and Games series is excelent and the swooning men are to die for !

And what kind of blog hop would be if there wasn't a giveaway, right?? 

So for you my loves, here's the super raffle! 

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