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Temptation's Heat by Michelle Zink (The Shadowguard Series #1)

When Rowen Black is assigned to the elite unit of angelic assassins known as the Shadowguard, he thinks his biggest challenge will be overcoming his less-than-stellar reputation. But that’s before he meets his match in Scarlet Montgomery.

Beautiful, strong, and with a temper to match Rowen’s own, Scarlet is focused on the Shadowguard and her possible future as its leader. She’s become an expert at keeping her personal life separate from the Guard, all too aware that as the boss’s daughter, fellow warriors see her not as someone to be respected, but as someone to be protected.

Avoiding entanglements gets a lot harder when Rowen saunters into the room. Rowen puts the bad in "bad boy." Their connection is hot, visceral, and instantaneous.

When the pair are assigned to a joint investigation, they come face-to-face with their undeniable attraction, forcing Scarlet to consider that the connection is not only physical, but a destiny written in the halls of time.

Let's start with THIS IS HOT. Rowen is tall dark and Sexy, forget about handsome. Plus he's Scottish, he has an accent to die for!

Temptation's Heat is a short novella, the first in The Shadowuard Series, with action, sexual tension, mystery and great characters. 

Rowan belongs to a secret group called the Shadow guard, they are what you'd call Angel, but they don't have wings or live on Heaven. Nope, they are like your regular neighbor... kinda. He's the Bad Boy who never quite follows the rules.  And this is his last chance to prove he's worthy of being in the Guard.
Scarlet is the boss' daughter. She's a girl and she's small. She has a lot to prove so the rest of the Guard won't see her as the week little girl they have to protect and more as an equal. She's the kind of girl you don't wanna mess around with.

Since the moment they first see each other, sexual tension jumps at you from the page. The instant chemistry between them is excellent.

**He walked toward her, hyper-aware of his nakedness. “I don’t mind if you don’t,” he said, reaching past her to the towel that hung on the door.
She raised her chin. “No. Of course not.” She waved toward the towel. “Do  … whatever you need to do. I just wanted to tell you that Lily is serving breakfast. She wondered if you would be joining us.”
“Well, you can tell Lily I’ll be right down. Unless you can think of something that would make missing breakfast worthwhile.”**

Scarlet's father, Ambrose, sends them both on a mission to figure out what really happened to the dead Revenant belonging to the Legion (basically a bad guy), and stop what could possibly be a war for all human's soul, and spending a lot of time together makes harder to deny the attraction between them. 

If I have one complain, it would be this is too short. I'd love to see more of them, but that's the beauty of short novellas. Somehow, in less than 100 pages, Michelle Zink put everything you need in a story (and first book in a series), character's background, introducing the rest of the important character's, and enough mystery for the rest of the novellas in the series to get into.

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Temptation's Kiss by Michelle Zink (The Shadowguard Series #2)

Lily Montgomery is perfectly happy taking care of everyone else. That is, until her friendship with Shadowguard warrior, Kane Dawson, begins to blossom into something more.

But Lily has a secret. One that will keep her from ever making her feelings known to Kane.

One of the Shadowguard’s fiercest warriors, Kane has a soft spot for Lily. A long-standing member of the Shadowguard, he can’t figure out when his feelings for Ambrose Montgomery’s youngest daughter morphed from brotherly affection into desire and an unfamiliar longing that feels a lot like love.

Kane holds himself in check knowing that Lily deserves better. A man in a suit, dinner at six every night, rosy-cheeked children who won’t have to worry that their father might be killed by one of the Legion’s wraiths.

But when the pair are thrown together by a set of circumstances beyond their control, they are forced to confront their growing passion and decide if love is worth the risk of baring it all. 

The second book in this series brings in the sweetness we didn't see in the first one but with the same amount of attraction between the characters.

Lily's the sweetest girl. She doesn't like violence, so despite being part of the descendants, she's not part of the Guard. She prefers to stay home and make sure everyone there is taken care of while she enjoys cooking and baking.
Kane is one of the best warriors of the Guard and he would do anything for Lily and to make sure she's happy.

But when the attraction between the two becomes too much and an unfortunately event at the house takes them to a place just the two of them, denial is nowhere to be found.
And while the relationship between Scarlet and Rowan was more visceral, Kane and Lily are a really sweet couple.

**“I realize I’ve never thanked you,” she said softly.
He couldn’t hide his surprise. “Thank me? For what?”

She seemed to consider her words. “For being my friend. I don’t have many of them.”
The vulnerability in her voice, as if the confession were some kind of strike against her character, made him want to take her in his arms then and there, shield her from anything that made her think she was less than perfect exactly as she was.
“That’s only because you’re so busy taking care of everyone else,” Kane said. “Don’t you ever think about making another life? A life of your own?”
“I like taking care of people,” she said softly. “Although …”
“What?” he prodded.
She ducked her head a little, her cheeks turning pink. “Well, I’ve always thought I might like to have a bakery. Nothing big or fancy. Just a little place where people could escape real life for a minute or two. A place that was warm and smelled liked vanilla and coffee.” She laughed. “It sounds silly.”
He was hit with a rush of tenderness. He could see it; Lily making small talk with the customers, a couple of cherub-cheeked kids running around, squealing with delight when Kane stepped through the door.
It was a pipe dream. For him, at least.
He forced a smile. “It doesn’t sound silly. It sounds perfect. And you’d be just the person to do it."**

Temptation's Kiss gives us another clue to solve what happened to the dead Revenant and gives us a little bit more details on the next characters for the third book.
I can't wait to see how the series ends and read more of the awesome job of Michelle Zink.

Temptation's Fire by Michelle Zink (The Shadowguard Series​ #3)
Maggie O’ Reilly has her hands full. It’s all she can do to hold down her job at small-town newspaper and pay the nursing home bills for her deteriorating father. But a lead on a story from Ivan Montgomery might be just the thing to win her the promotion -- and raise -- she needs to secure her father’s care.

Ivan Montgomery isn’t exactly Mr. Popular. As the son of Ambrose Montgomery, head of the Shadowguard, Ivan has a reputation for being surly and confrontational. But somehow Maggie’s spirit and vulnerability make him want to be a better man.

Too bad a future between them is impossible. As an outsider, Maggie can never know that Shadowguard Security is a front for the Alliance, a group of angelic descendants who keep mankind balanced between the forces of  light and dark. And that means she can never know who -- and what -- Ivan really is.

But as the pair come closer to solving the mystery of who is framing the Shadowguard for murder, their attraction becomes impossible to deny. When a confrontation with a deadly foe forces them to face their feelings -- and their passion-- they will have to answer the question: can true love survive the ultimate secret?

About Michelle Zink

Michelle Zink is the critically acclaimed author of the Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy (Little Brown Books for Young Readers) and A Temptation of Angels (Penguin/Dial). Her books are published in over thirty countries and translated in over twenty languages. The Shadowguard novella trilogy is her first adult work.


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