Sunday, November 18, 2012


Ok, so when you first walk into a bookstore, where do you go?
YA, duh.
So we love Richelle Mead,.
We do! She’s the Queen of Cliffhanger
And, well, we think she should hire us as babysitters, so we can hack her computer and get her books, because these cliffhangers are killing us
Also, she has the best characters EVER! Think Of Adrian Ivashkov *swoon*, that’s the perfect man, and Dorian (if you’ve read her adult series)
And Rose and Sidney, ..(and Eugenie if you read Storm Born) are strong characters not damsels in distress... plus they’re super witty and fun.
They make you wish you were that badass.
And if that book series is ever made into a movie, they better get awesome actors and actresses or there will be hell to pay.
Speaking of movies, there’s some upcoming movies from books that I can’t wait for: CITY OF BONES, Warm Bodies, and Beautiful Creatures.
Don’t forget Hunger Games 2! We want to see more Jennifer, and WE WANT TO SEE FINNICK PORTRAYED!
(SIDE NOTE: Speaking of Jennifer Lawrence, I just love that she’s dating Nicholas Hoult, and that he’s in Warm Bodies)
(SIDE NOTE #2: I’m Team Gale... I don’t care what you guys think, he’s the best!)

I’ll show you a bit of how my mind works so you can understand why the big jump here. Warm Bodies is about Zombies... which reminds me of Richelle saying readers will ask for Zombie Rose if she ever kills her... which takes me back to Richelle and how we can’t get enough of her stories and characters...

Richelle can write books that honestly, will make you cry, laugh and want to punch someone, and not just so you can feel as badass as the characters... but because she always, ALWAYS left the books at the most “OMG SHE DIDN’T WRITE THAT” moment...

And speaking of OMG Moments... her story of Rose and Dimitri in the Foretold Anthology... yeah I SO need more after that.

So yeah, that’s our YA rant, speaking of YA, here’s this huge giveaway!

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