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Aaron Lazar Interview

Hello loves!!
We’re so happy to bring you Aaron Lazar to the blog today.

If you haven’t check out his books yet, you can get FOR KEEPS free on Kindle HERE
or read an excerpt for the book HERE.

Hi Aaron, Thanks so much for coming to our little blog today!
Hi, ladies!  And thanks for having me here, it’s an honor!

How are you?
I am just great, I’m excited to be here today. ;o) I love my readers and always adore meeting new folks who love books.

We have to ask our favorite little Ice-breaker question... What’s your favourite color?
This is a little weird, but my WHOLE life my favorite color was blue. About three years ago, when my daughter and grandchildren moved out, I started being drawn to red paint, red glass, red, red, red. So in the middle of my life, I up and changed my favorite color to red! What in the world does that mean??? LOL!
We believe, that means your next fav color will be purple! To combine both!

Going along with our blog theme... Did you notice any major mistakes after you wrote For Keeps or any of your other novels?  Do you find mistakes less and less frequent as you get more experienced?
Oh, ladies, this is my nemesis. I am also pretty OCD when it comes to errors in books. I review them myself dozens of times. I have a stable of lovely beta readers who are so sweet and attentive and they scour the books for errors. My publisher’s editors are ruthless, always searching for errors, which, of course, they find! And even my audio book narrators will find minor inconsistencies situation in the books as they read them aloud for In the end, even after all of this, once in a while an error sneaks through and it KILLS me! I hate it. I feel like a failure or something. But it’s so darned hard for me to find those mistakes, because my brain integrates what I see and reads it as if it says what I meant it to say, you know? What’s really funny though is when I goof up occasionally and call Sam Moore “Gus,” who is my other protagonist in LeGarde Mysteries! I’ve written ten LeGarde books and must have gotten so in the “groove” that occasionally his name pops out, and I don’t even notice it!

Did you always wanted to be a writer? Or did you discovered that passion by accident?
I always adored mysteries, and I figured when I retired and the kids were grown I’d start my own mystery series. John D. MacDonald is my favorite author of all time, and I wanted to write as many wonderful books as he did in his Travis McGee series. So far I’ve written 16. We shall see if the Good Lord lets me get to my goal of 100!

For those who haven’t heard about you, can you tell us a little bit about the other two novels in the Moore Mysteries Series?
You bet!
Healey’s Cave (book 1)

Sam Moore's little brother vanished fifty years ago. No body. No answers. What Sam has is a boatload of guilt, since he failed to accompany Billy on his final, fateful bike ride. While digging in his garden, Sam discovers a green marble with a startling secret—it whisks him back to his childhood, connecting him to Billy. Thrust back and forth through time, Sam struggles to unlock the secret of his brother’s fate. When the FBI investigates remains found nearby, Sam learns of a serial killer with a grisly fifty-year record. Sam’s certain it’s Billy’s killer. But what’s worse, his grandson fits the profile of the murdered boys. Will the killer return to Sam’s town to claim his final kill? Can Sam untangle the truth in time to save him?

Winner of the Commercial Fiction category for the 2011 Eric Hoffer award, winner in the Paranormal category of the 2012 EPIC eBook Awards, and a finalist in the category of Mystery Suspense in the 2011 Global eBook Awards.

ISBN-10: 1606191624 ISBN-13: 978-1606191620ASIN: B003ZYEVI0 **available for review, print , audio book, or eBook**

Terror Comes Knocking (book 2)

Sam’s daughter Beth has been unreachable for several days. Something is seriously wrong, and the Moores don’t know where to turn for help. No ransom note arrives, no kidnapper calls. When Beth’s roommate Zafina Azziz—a woman who slinks around like an Egyptian princess—arrives on their doorstep worried about Beth’s whereabouts, Sam realizes it’s time to call the FBI. The Moores unravel with worry as the green marble, a talisman connected to Sam’s dead brother Billy, thrusts Sam between past and present. When Sam’s friend, Senator Bruce MacDonald, is tapped for the Presidential nomination, the town goes berserk preparing to welcome the sitting President to the opening of a new arts center. That’s when Sam uncovers the awful truth - someone is out to destroy the soon-to-visit President, and that someone is alive and well in East Goodland. When he discovers a link between Beth and the terrorists, Sam dives head first into the melĂ©e to avert a calamity that could rival the 911 disaster.

ISBN-10: 1606191705 ISBN-13: 978-1606191705 ASIN: B0079MNVEE **available for review, print, audiobook, or eBook**

What is your favourite scene in FOR KEEPS?
**This contains spoilers, read at your own risk**

Hmmm. That’s a tough one! I guess I’d have to say the last scene, where Sam appears back in the present after meddling once again with the past to try to bring his wife back to life. He is plunked down on the lawn with his dear grandsons, thrilled to see they are “alive” and that his life looks rather the same as it did before Rachel was murdered. He walks toward the house, scared to death that he didn’t get it “right” again and that he’ll discover another woman in his home who calls him her husband. Did Rachel come back from the dead? Is she the same? Will he ever reclaim this woman he has called soul mate again? I love the part where he walks into the kitchen and sees the result of what he’s done. ;o)

If you had to pick a character from your book, who would you pick and why?
Sam Moore is really the “me” I’d like to be in another eight years when I retire. He has all the time in the world to work in his gardens, play with his grandkids, enjoy his family, and more. I’m actually quite jealous of him for this reason, which is a little bit odd, but true!

Was there any book or character that was harder to write? Why?
*Again, might be a bit spoilery*

It was very difficult to write the scene where Rachel is murdered in For Keeps, because I based her on my own wife. Talk about a hard scene to write! My gosh, it was hellish. But I got through it, and I apologize in advance to the readers who will be so mad at me when it happens! Many of my readers tell me they yelled out loud at me (my ears still ring!) when I “let” this happen. But they forgave me in the end when they finished the story. ;o)

What about the easiest?
All of the stuff about gardens, family, and grandkids comes naturally to me, because that IS my life. I am husband, father, and grandfather first and foremost. I adore my family!

You only write Mysteries, what made you decide for that genre?
It’s funny, but all I ever, ever read my whole life is mysteries (or the occasional suspense). I have been drawn to them forever, and my parents also provided tons of books in this genre for me to choose from, since they, too, loved mysteries! I never even thought about reading anything else. ;o)

Can you tell us what are your biggest influence in your writing?
I would say my mentor and friend Sonya Bateman has been the biggest influence on my writing style. She taught me as a newbie all the skills and tricks I needed to know to polish my work and make them sing. You can read about her books here.

What are your favourite books?
I think it’s easier to list my favorite authors: John D. McDonald, Michael Prescott, James Patterson, Dick Francis, Clive Cussler, Laurie R. King, Rex Stout, Peter Mayle, Tony Hillerman, Dean Koontz, SW Vaughn, Lesia Valentine, Bob Burdick, Lad Moore, Marta Stephens, and Patricia Fowler.

Thanks so much for visiting us today and we hope to have back soon!

Thank you so much for having me! It was great fun and I’d love to come back soon to visit. ;o) If folks have any questions, they are invited to email me at aaron dot lazar at yahoo dot com, or stop by my websites, blogs here:

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