Monday, February 27, 2012

Damen, Damon...errrr, Daemon?

Cyny and I have noticed an abundance of Damen, Damon and Daemon characters in books.  Here's the list of Damen, Damon and Daemon's we've come up with.  We KNOW there are more that we've read in the past, soooooooooooo...

What are the names of books you've read that had a MAIN Damen, Damon and Daemon chracter?  How was it spelled?  And what was he like?  Does he fit the "hard on the outside, soft on the inside" category the ones we've read have?

  • Immortals Series - Alyson Noël
  • The Vampire Diaries - L. J. Smith
  • On One Condition - Diane Alberts
  • Lux Series - Jennifer L. Armentrout
By the way, those are all good books/series, so check them out if you haven't already.

Consider this an icebreaker, have fun racking your brains. ;)


Cynthia & Diana

PS; Onyx review will be up late tonight.  :o


  1. Yep, noticed that too. But I sure love this name, especially because of Damon (TVD tv-series) and Daemon (Lux series. As for Damen (Immortals), mmm not sure. I've only read the first book, I have yet to read the other ones.

  2. I'ts a sexy name... you know that a character with that name needs to be a good one, and most tend to have the Bad Boy Vibe...

  3. Damon! Mayor fan (TVD TV Series) That's a great character, that I believe L. J. Smith didn't use very well in her books. Ian has sure brought him back to life :) (my Honest opinion :P)